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Our mission and values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Learn More About Us

Our mission and values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

Citylight Bible Church Is a Community of Believers Who Are Following Christ Together in Grace and Truth


Worship of God

Acts 2:47|1 Cor 10:31|Rev 4

Instruction From God's Word

Acts 2:42|Matt 28:20|2 Tim 3:12-17



Relational Community

Rom 12:9-16|Acts 2:42,46|Col 3:12-17

Evangelism of the Lost

Matt 28:18–20



Selfless Service Towards God & Others

John 13|Mark 10:45|Gen 1:1

Our Story

Citylight Bible Church is a newly merged body of mostly East Side and South Side Allentonians. God drew the members of each church—formerly Allentown Bible Church of the East Side and Lighthouse Church / El Faro of the South Side—together over the close of 2021 and led them to merge in June 2022.

The members of Allentown Bible Church also joined the Bible Fellowship Church, and Citylight Bible Church was born as a mission church of the BFC. In May 2023, Citylight officially graduated to become a full-fledged member of the BFC. Starting in the fall of 2022, we had been seeking a facility to meet in, after having outgrown the East Side Youth Center building where ABC had gathered for over a decade. After a lot of praying, waiting, and negotiations we conducted in faith, God provided us with a building at 1921 Union Blvd in Allentown, the site of a former beauty school.

Since we acquired it in March 2023, Citylight members, with the help, financial support, and prayers of many churches and community members around us, have been busily converting the building to an adequate meeting place for the gathering and ministry of the church. We are excited to have been able to move into our new building in October 2023. Citylight had its official chartering service with the Bible Fellowship Churches on August 27, 2023.

Our Core Values

The core values of any organization reflect who they are and what they believe. At Redeemer Church, we have six core values we promote through every aspect of our ministry.

The Glory of God

God is glorious, and everything exists to give him glory. Everything from the purpose of creation to humanity, to the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, indeed everything, is for the glory of God because he is amazing! We glorify God when we are satisfied in Him, and we glorify God when we align ourselves and our lives with who God is and what God desires for us; we glorify God when we make much of the salvation He has provided for us in Jesus.


When we say that Redeemer is a gospel centered church, we align ourselves with a reformed tradition of how we believe the Scriptures teach us about the doctrine of God, man, sin, and salvation. We believe that God is central in the planning, accomplishing, applying and initiating our salvation. Everything we do at Redeemer is centered on the gospel, proclaiming the good news that Jesus paid it all.


We believe in the active presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit and the continuation of all spiritual gifts for the believer today. The work of the Holy Spirit is to manifest the active presence of God in the world and especially in the church. Therefore, we are eager to experience the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit at Redeemer from the moment our gathering begins to the very end. And then we seek to walk by the Spirit as we scatter into our lives.


The Scriptures teach us we are all hard-wired for relationships. When God created us in His image, He created us as relational beings, just like He is. At Redeemer Church, we honor God’s design by emphasizing the necessity of making disciples together in community. You will find opportunities to belong and participate in growing relationships with others. No longer alone, but loving, serving and caring for one another in the church is our goal.

Expositional Preaching

At Redeemer, we are committed to expository preaching—meaning, we typically preach through entire books of the Bible, paragraph by paragraph, seeking to allow each text to instruct and transform us. As pastors, we believe the most significant thing we can do for those we are called to serve is to preach the word of God to our church faithfully. When we listen to, respond and apply God’s word to our lives, we grow!

Transfer the Gospel

The Great Commission gives the church a wonderful assignment—to participate in spreading the gospel throughout the world. Therefore, our mission includes reaching the world and passing the good news on to others. This obligation is both corporate and personal. We must all own the responsibility and privilege to communicate the good news in our homes, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, or schools. Our ultimate hope is to see churches planted and missionaries sent from Redeemer Church.

Meet the Leadership

Our pastors and leaders love the Lord, the Word of God, and the community in and around Citylight Bible Church.

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